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Aluminium shutters are exactly what they sound like—window shutters made out of aluminium. As with standard shutters, this is an ideal hard covering for windows and doors.

In recent years, these shutters have made a huge comeback. They initially appeared during the 60s and 70s, their distinctive look featured on recreational vehicles, mobile homes and campers. With practicality being a top priority, many customers prefer them as they are rust-resistant as well as lightweight.

At Menai Blinds, we only offer first-rate aluminium window shutters. Stylish, safe and innovative, all of our products are perfectly suited to any space, be it residential or commercial.

Why Choose Us?

Since launching the business, Menai Blinds has always made it a mission to offer the best quality products in Sydney. We do not cut corners in making our shutters, blinds, screens and awnings. Offering competitive rates is another thing we take pride in. Whatever your budget, rest assured that you will find a product that meets your needs and matches your preferences.

To know more about how interior and exterior aluminium shutters can benefit your property, please call or email us. If you want help coming up with ideas on how to best update your living and working spaces, our consultants will gladly share their expertise with you.

Advantages of These Types of Window Shutters

Majority of the orders we receive are for external shutters. Popular among style-savvy homeowners, this particular model allows you to enclose an exterior area as a way to transform it into a more versatile living space. Our aluminium shutters are ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms as well.

You can reface your kitchen cabinets with shutter cabinet doors, and see the big difference it makes to the entire space. You may also opt to enclose your balconies with these shutters, to discourage intruders from trespassing into your property at night or when you are away for the weekend or for weeks at a time on holiday.

We also offer mini blinds constructed from aluminium. You can customise the slat size, colour and it doesn’t end there. You can have it upgraded with cordless and motorised features and improved room darkening control, to name a few.

Menai Blinds - Aluminium Shutters

Call Today for up to 50% OFF

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We can visit you anywhere in Sydney. Ask about our aluminium shutters today!