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With clothes being an extension of one’s personality, the home is a reflection of one’s lifestyle. When planning your home’s interior design, go beyond simply focusing on furniture and decor. Keep in mind, the way you dress your windows can have a significant impact on a room’s total aesthetic.

Time and time again, window furnishings have proven how they can instantly change the look of a room. Just a small tweak can make a world of difference, especially when you choose to make the switch from curtains to blinds. With their clean lines and minimalist feel, window blinds can really breathe new life into an existing space.

For a complete range of blinds online, make Menai Blinds your number one choice. To cater to our customers’ varying tastes, we carry everything from vertical to roman blinds.


Polished, Professional Look

As they continue to gain popularity, many now consider them as an integral element in interior design. Adding a dash of elegance to windows, these stylish and modern coverings elevate any area. They can be used in any room of the house—bathrooms, kitchens and patios, among many others.

They can also create the effect of a larger room if they are mounted a few centimetres below the ceiling and are slightly wider than the windows. It makes the ceiling appear higher and the whole room seem bigger. Blinds even bring a touch of class to a regular bathroom. Aluminium, PVC and wooden blinds are good choices for bathrooms, laundry rooms and other wet areas.

Moreover, they look far more professional in a work environment or commercial setting. As we have many styles and colours available, you will have a great time finding a blind that fits with the company branding and colour scheme.

Menai BLinds - Australia's best blinds

High Performance, Low Maintenance

As opposed to curtains or drapes, blinds offer more control of how much light is allowed to enter the room. Many are designed to provide privacy even when they are fully or partially open. Some metal coverings, for example, close so tightly they allow almost no light to enter. This can be important in a nursery or in a bedroom for those who want to avoid being woken up by the sun streaming into the room.

In fact, there are blackout blinds especially meant to block any light from outside, be it the sun’s harsh rays in the morning or vehicle headlamps at night. It can also be beneficial for rooms used for entertainment such as home theatres.

They also reduce heat that enters in the summer and radiates out during winter, significantly decreasing energy costs. Despite having multiple functions, blinds are remarkably easy to clean and maintain. Most times, you only need a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or duster. They also tend to have a longer useful life than curtains, and do not need replacing as often.

Menai BLinds - Australia's best blinds

Pioneering Manufacturer and Supplier

For excellent quality window blinds, check out the offerings at Menai Blinds. Over the years, we have become one of the biggest suppliers of blinds for windows and doors in Sydney. Styles include vertical, venetian, roller, zebra, and illusion.

Simply browse through our site for a listing of all our products or drop by our showroom to get an in-depth look into our selection. We have prepared a Buying Guide to assist you in choosing the blind style that suits your property. Call us today and speak with accommodating consultants who will ensure that you make the perfect choice.

Menai BLinds - Australia's best blinds

Call Today for up to 50% OFF

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We can visit you anywhere in Sydney. Ask about our aluminium shutters today!