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A plantation shutter is classified as a hard window treatment that is typically made up of a set of full-length vertical panels. It is divided into four main parts–rails, stiles, shutters and tilt rod.

The ‘rails’ are the horizontal blinds situated on the top and bottom, while the parts located on the sides are the vertical ‘stiles’. The ‘shutters’ actually constitute the parallel blinds positioned between the stiles. The ‘tilt rod’, of course, is the tool that allows you to open and close the shutters. Adjust them accordingly to allow more or less light and privacy as you desire.

When the blind is dropped, it can provide a number of height levels for a variety of adaptation. Out of the many styles and designs of blinds, these are the only ones that can be turned down fully—giving you total privacy.

Why Choose Us?

At our company, we offer up to 20 years of warranty on our entire product range. Be it authentic wooden shutters or faux wood shutters, turn to Menai Blinds for a vast selection. We also offer custom plantation shutters, should you want something that is tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, we have professionally trained consultants to help you choose the right plantation shutters for your home or office. With our consultants’ expertise in plantation shutters, we guarantee that your coverings are installed correctly, letting the air flow freely throughout your home and allowing hot air to escape. For more information on what we can do for you, just contact us via phone or email.

Creating Value and Style That Lasts

This specific shutter type is called such because of the plantation manors they were largely associated with. American southern plantations were known for their elegance and grandeur, with shutters being an essential part of their construction. It is, however, a common misconception that plantation shutters originated in America. Although they gained massive during this time, shutters actually trace back their origins to ancient Greece. It is widely believed that they were made of marble, going alongside homes built out of mud bricks and clay tiles.

To this day, their innovative combination of function and fashion still holds up. Viewed as excellent shutters as well, these easily allow you to boost the level of privacy and protection in your home. When you have them entirely closed, you’re able to ward off prying eyes as they become left with nothing to see and spy on.

Menai Blinds - Plantation Shutters

A World of Beautiful Designs

There is a lot more that you gain when you choose to purchase interior shutters from Menai Blinds. One of the greatest benefits is that you will find a wide range of materials to choose from, ranging from low-cost to high-end. This is the main reason why home and business owners come to us. With a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, every customer will enjoy picking out a model that best fits his needs.


Considered as the most economical option, vinyl shutters require very little maintenance or refinishing. They also do not warp. Though it may not give the warmth and traditional look that wooden shutters offer, they are still a great choice for those with budgets to stick to.


Basswood, along with poplar, is one of the most common woods used for creating shutters. Although these are categorised as hardwoods, they have the unique features of being softer and lighter than oak, maple and other types of woods in the same classification.


As a strong hardwood, timber shutters last for a very long time. This is partly because they have optimum gluing and finishing capabilities. Their uniform grain also make for a classically beautiful stain finish, one that will only get better over the years.

Menai Blinds - Plantation Shutters

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