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Distinct in design, vertical blinds make for functional and stylish window coverings. For one, they present a quick and convenient solution to manage sunlight in homes and offices. Aside from controlling the amount of glare that enters the room, they provide partial to full privacy. Easy to operate, you can adjust them to suit the degree of privacy you require.

In terms of material, the most commonly used are PVC, aluminium and fabric. Fabric models are the most versatile and interesting, hands down. It can bring a splash of colour into a room and tempers sunlight that streams through.

The outstanding balance of privacy and light control with creative characteristics make these blinds a crowd-pleasing option.

Why Choose Us?

Based in Sydney, Menai Blinds offers a wide range of shutters, blinds and shades to cater to various tastes and preferences. All of our customers are treated to up to 20 years of warranty for our window treatments. For the finest showcase of top-of-the-line window and door blinds, drop by our showroom in Sydney.

We also take pride in our superb customer service. You can forego researching about how to install vertical blinds as our team can do all that for you. If you need recommendations on which style to pick for a certain room, trust that our experts will give you sound advice. Give us a call today to get started!

Designs for Every Kind of Home

There are hundreds of different vertical blind designs, styles and colours available. If it gets too overwhelming, rest assured that our staff will advise you on the model that is best suited for your windows and complements the feel of the room.

If you have a home renovation project going on and have just finished repainting your walls, consider opting for non-neutral hues to make them stand out. You can also play around with the design as we have uniquely patterned and vividly coloured vertical blinds for your choosing.

Moreover, they look far more professional in a work environment or commercial setting. As we have many styles and colours available, you will have a great time finding a blind that fits with the company branding and colour scheme.

Aluminium Vertical Blinds

Fairly inexpensive, these are lightweight and easy to install. Viewed as a basic blind type, this one is ideal for office use or for garages and workshops.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

As these are constructed out of fabric, they allow natural light in the room throughout the day. Some can be made from woven materials, enhancing their quality and amplifying their attractiveness.

PVC Vertical Blinds

What makes them interesting is their range of shades and styles, which includes patterned and textured designs. Always pick those made of a thicker plastic, as those would hold their own colours and shapes for longer.

Menai BLinds - Vertical Blinds

The Healthy, Eco-Friendly Choice

Did you know that installing blinds in your doors and windows can save you a lot of money? They act as a protective barrier against the sun, the same way outdoor blinds are when it comes to decks, patios and balconies. This way, you reduce the amount of glare entering the room while decreasing the heat index. In the summer, you’ll save as much as 30% from your air conditioning and energy costs. For those cold winter months, on the other hand, these blinds can retain the heat indoors. This lessens the usage of your heating systems, which cuts down on costs as well.

Aside from enjoying bigger savings, you also reap health benefits. You can minimise your exposure to the sun, protecting you from those damaging UV rays. Being spared of the glare also lowers your risk for eye strains and headaches.

Menai BLinds - Vertical Blinds

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We can visit you anywhere in Sydney. Ask about our aluminium shutters today!